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A Great Way To Make Some Extra Money!!

Tall Pine Candles is thrilled to announce our new candle affiliate program!  Sharing your love for our fragrant, handcrafted pure soy candles can now earn you a commission on every sale. 


The general idea of TPC's affiliate program is that you'll promote our products (on your blog, social media, website, personal page, YouTube or anywhere else that you can think of).  In your promotions, you'll add your custom link that tracks each of your referrals who place an order on the TPC website. 30 percent is the commission rate from each sale.


This program is perfect for home decor fans, bloggers, influencers and anyone who is a candle enthusiast.  Everyone is welcome to apply for the program and start earning today.  And the best part?  There is absolutely no membership fee or cost to join!  You can also feel confident that while earning a side income you will also be helping to spread the word about a small, Veteran owned business with a top quality, handcrafted product.


My goal is to ensure that you have the tools needed to make you as successful as possible.


The most valuable tool is your active affiliate link which gives the two of us the ability to track your referrals and sales (which means, CASH MONNAAAY in your pocket)!


Many affiliate programs offer a 5% or less commission on sales.  We decided to go big and offer a full 30%!  With this generous commission you have the opportunity to make significant income, especially if you have a strong audience that know, like and trust you. 




Our Affiliate Program is automated and simple to use.  Simply sign up using our Affiliate Portal. When you join, you will receive a special affiliate dashboard. With this affiliate dashboard, you can monitor referral sales, traffic and generate links to products. 

You'll be paid weekly via PayPal for all commissions earned – regardless of the amount.


You earn commissions by referring others to the TPC site.  When your referral makes a sale, you earn the commission from the sale. You must include your affiliate link in the promo material that you use  (graphics, emails, etc.), otherwise the system will not know any resulting sales should be credited to you.


We do not pay commissions on self-purchases, so please do not use your own affiliate link to buy products. All self-purchases will be voided.


Affiliates will also have the potential to grow with our company and will receive special coupons, freebies and more.


Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Weekly pay deposited directly into your PayPal account

  • Work from home

  • Flexible hours (work anytime, from anywhere - you make your own hours)

  • Easy to make good money


If TPC’s affiliate program is something you’re interested in, then we'd love to welcome you to the family! Each affiliate in our program is carefully hand-picked and accepted on a rolling basis as there are only 10 total slots available. To apply, just click the link below to get signed up!!!

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to cultivating a profitable business relationship with you!




Bob Evans

Head Wick Trimmer

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