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About Us


About 8 years ago I decided to quit my job of being an “Over The Road'' truck driver. When I decided to do this, I was here in Flagstaff Arizona. The first thing I noticed was that wonderful aroma of the Pine Trees of the surrounding forest. It was summer and no matter the time of day that aroma was always there. Sometimes faint but nonetheless, it was there. Being from southeast Kansas we do not have the luxury of pine trees. We have the aroma of wheat. Dry, dusty wheat.


Then winter came about. Suddenly no more pine tree aroma. I started searching for a candle, wax melt, essence oil thingy bobber and even incense sticks to satisfy that fix for the aroma of those forest pines. But the harder I searched the less I was happy with the smell. Most where weak or had no aroma at all. The ones that where fragrant had that Pine-Sol smell. My thought was I didn’t want to sanitize my apartment, but to fragrant it. But then I was saved!! Summer was upon me again. And to my joy the sweet aroma filled the air.


Sadly, winter came back around, and I repeated my ritual of searching for the perfect pine tree fragrance. I spent a lot of money and time trying all the name brand candles and melts. Then a thought started to develop in the back of my brain. How hard could it possibly be to make my own candles and wax melts? What, all you have to do is melt some wax and add fragrance then let it harden and Wala, you have candles!! Well, I found out that it could not be further from the truth than you could imagine.


I invested more money and time in creating that Pine Tree aroma. I have practically acquired a chemist degree in fragrance blending. But then one day several years later I did it!! I put together the perfect Pine Tree scent (in my opinion at least). My next door neighbor liked it so much he wanted one. Then his girlfriend wanted one. Then her co-workers and so on and so on. I started selling them on the side to pay for my pine tree addiction!!


Suddenly a few people started asking if I had other fragrances. I started blending and testing other fragrances. And before I realized it “Tall Pine Candles” was born. That was in 2019.


The company has since then built a reputation for producing quality candles, wax melts and Room/Car sprays at an affordable price. Tall Pine Candles offers a wide range of product sizes.


I am a Navy Veteran of 10 years. The one thing that the Navy drove into me was “Do the job right” and that is what I thrive to do with each and every product we sell. Each candle is still hand poured by me here in Flagstaff.


Our members receive special updates, new product listings, discounts and much, much more. Plus we offer FREE delivery in both Flagstaff and the Prescott area.


Thank you for taking a moment out of your busy day to read this and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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