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You Need A Scented Candle For Your Work Place - Here's Why!

How wonderful would it be to walk into your home and be greeted by the alluring aroma of a burning scented candle? But did you know that as wonderful as it is at home, it is also equally effective in the workplace?

Here are a few reasons you should have scented candles in your office!


Motivation is essential for getting things done. Undoubtedly, a motivated workplace is productive. On the other hand, keeping employees motivated is easier said than done.

When the human body detects a scent, it sends it directly to the brain to be processed. Our neurons then work together to send it to two different locations. The first is the olfactory bulb, which assists us in determining the type of scent we just smelled. The thalamus is the part of the brain in charge of motor function.

So, this begs how we got so excited to get out of bed during our childhood every time we smelled our mother cooking pancakes for breakfast from the kitchen?

The same theory applies to using scented candles in the workplace. A study reveals that scents like lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, rose, and peppermint can improve productivity and mitigate the workload. These fragrances are currently being used as a productivity strategy in many workspaces.

This is especially true in some countries, such as Japan, where certain businesses have begun to circulate lemon and rosemary through their A/C vents to help keep their employees motivated to work and be productive throughout the day. Aside from Japan, scented candles are widely used in both homes and offices in Singapore to provide a pleasant atmosphere for family members, guests, and employees.


There is a lot more to produce than you might think. You can't just drop in a "productivity" scene and call it a day. Just like at home, you must select the appropriate scents to develop the desired mood.

If you are curious about which fragrance will be suitable for your many moods, you'll be surprised how there is an ideal scent for every mood! For example, are you looking for inspiration and ideas before a morning meeting? Peppermint, cinnamon, or a combination of the two will help to stimulate your creativity. However, rosemary is a better option if you need something to help the office get through a busy day. Finally, lavender is an excellent choice if you want something more relaxing and calming but not necessarily sleep-inducing.

Scented Candles also have other uses in Office

- Create a homely feeling

For many people, their office is like a second home. However, offices don't always smell as good as they should, and without any scent introduced into the office, a person's body odor can cling to the other employees. Often this can affect how you feel in your office. But don't worry, a scented candle can quickly solve this problem.

- Masking unpleasant odors

Speaking of solutions, scented candles are an excellent way to keep any unpleasant odor at bay! Especially after the employees have finished eating in the pantry room. Some foods like eggs, in particular, leave an overpowering odor in the office that can linger for quite some time. Opening the window to air out the smell may not always be effective, but scented candles can quickly help you get rid of that smell.

- A décor piece

Scented candles also have an excellent decorative value. Everyone who has ever worked in a cubicle knows how boring work desks can be.

Despite attempting various personalization techniques, they still have that inherently stressful vibe that makes work life difficult and stressful. However, you can alleviate some of that aura by using a beautiful candle as a décor element. Scented candles come in various styles, including simple, ornate, and even contemporary.

Check out the Tall Pine Candles Soy Wax Candles, made with reusable glass containers that are bound to change your work desk look. So, whenever you're feeling overwhelmed by the stress of your job, you can look at them or smell them to relax.

Of course, the smell is a highly personal experience. Even if you like how something smells, you should first ask the other people. This way, you'll know exactly what everyone wants and doesn't want, and it will be a win-win situation for everyone! A Lavender Candle is usually a universally loved scent.

Written By: DeBelle Cosmetix

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