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Why did you pick that fragrance??

Hello there


People ask me all the time about how I choose a fragrance for our e-store. To be honest, most of the fragrances we carry are member requested. Yep, we take requests!!


But what we do after the request is a little more involved. We put all the requests (or our suggestions) on a list. Right now I think there are about 15 different fragrances on the list. They are broken down into different types (categories) of fragrances. We have 5 basic categories we use. They are Fruity, Florals, Fresh & Clean, Tropical and Woodsy. Every request generally falls under one or more of these categories.


Around the end of the month, I look over the list an try to whittle the total down to a minimum of 5 choices. Basically one fragrance from each group. Then I search the fragrance distributors I use to find the best fragrance oil for each choice.


Once the fragrance arrives is when the fun begins. From this point I pour at least 4 of each fragrance using my standard method. Then after they sit a couple of days I check the hot and cold throws and then burn test them (all the way to the bottom). After that if the fragrance passes with good hot and cold throw and smells good during the burning process then it goes into production to offer our members. If not, we go back and work with different methods to increase the throws and go through the process once again.


The majority of the time we can get the fragrance our customers request just right for them, but there are the handful that just can not pass muster. At that point they are removed from the list and another request takes its place.


The whole process takes about 3 weeks start to finish. In other words what we get in February will generally be available on the members only page about April. It’s a rather involved process and takes time to get everything just right. But well worth it according to our members.


Do you have a fragrance that you would like to see available? Maybe there is just a fragrance you would like to have us make just for you. Perhaps there is something that you use to buy we do not offer anymore and would like us to carry it again. Either way, if you suggest a fragrance and we choose to produce it, I will give you a Classic Candle & Wax Melt of that fragrance absolutely FREE. I will even pay for the shipping. Click Here to send us your suggestions. Matter of fact send as many as you like.


There you have it. Now you know how I go about choosing a fragrance as well how we test it for production. Hope this helps you understand a little more about TPC and its inner workings.


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Talk more soon,

Bob Evans

Head Wick Trimmer

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