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Whats on your lists??


Good morning everyone. Hope you all have had a wonderful and productive week. I know I am glad it is Friday. I am so ready for the weekend. I have no clue as to what I am going to do, but ready for it none the less.

I should pack up and head out fishing somewhere. There are so many beautiful and wonderful places to go to do just that. I have my little “Need to go there” list. Do you have one of those lists? I think we all do. I also have a little list of things that “I want to do” as well. And of course there is that dreaded “things I need to do” list!! Stuff you know needs done but keeps getting put off. That list can get pretty long at times. I know that I am guilty of adding things to that list until there is no way around getting it done anymore.

But as the weekend starts rolling up we have the tendency to start dragging out our lists, even if it just in thought. We start thinking about where we want to go or what we want to do. We try to avoid that other list we don’t even mention. That is unless there is no choice but to get whatever it is done.

I find myself combining my lists. If I go here, I can do that!! I do that a lot it seems. I want to do a little more traveling so I guess I will plan a trip to Tombstone. I hear it is a pretty cool place to visit. But you never hear me say (very often) I really need to clean out and organize the shed.

Was having coffee with my neighbor earlier this week and we started talking about our lists. That’s when I really realized what kind of things people put on their lists. The headings all seem about the same…I want to, I would like to and I should, but what they put under those headings is a whole different world.

Now on one of his lists, under “I want to”, he wants to help more people here in our apartment complex. He was telling me that there are people here that can really use some extra help. He takes this one elderly couple to the grocery store once a week to do their shopping. They can not drive and were using the bus system to do their shopping. Took them most of the afternoon, not to mention the hassle of lugging just a few bags back home. Now they can get everything they need in one shot. That is just one example of what is on that list. Makes me stop and think about what my lists say.

I always thought him a pretty cool neighbor to have. He has always been very helpful. Always asking if I need any help with something I am doing. Sees my trash bag by the door ready for me to take to the dumpster and picks it up saying he has got that because he was going that way anyway. And I know good and well he wasn’t. But after hearing his lists, it makes me want to do more. More for my small complex, my community, for others in general.

There is no question I need to re-evaluate my lists. Now don’t get me wrong, there still needs to be some “Me” time, but I still would like to have some of my neighbor rub off on me. I think maybe we all could have some of his outlook wear off on us. Maybe the next time I want to go fishing, I will see if one of the Vets at the local Vet Center would like to go camping and fishing for the weekend. I am sure one of them, or even a couple of them, would like to get away as well.

Maybe it is because of the involvement of my daily grind of focusing on nothing other than my business and getting ahead that I have blinders on to what’s going on around me most of the time. Now I need to start thinking more about how I can be of service to others.

Something to think about anyway.

Thanks for reading….


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