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What Fragrances Do I Burn?

Had a customer email me a 2 part question the other day. They asked me what candle fragrances I burn and also wanted to know which was my favorite. Both of these are really not that easy to answer. But let’s see how well I can try.

Let’s start with the second part. “Which is my Favorite”. That’s tough considering I pretty much like them all!! I test each fragrance before it is added to our line. And afterwards, on occasion, I will pull one off the rack at random to sample. Normally I burn test the fragrances in my bathroom area. First it is not too big and second you are able to smell it very well once you open the door. But I digress.

Personally, I am more of the outdoorsy type of fragrance guy. The mountain stuff. Tall Pines is my absolute favorite fragrance. It has clove, musk, cedarwood, a little cinnamon and just enough pine & spruce to make it work. When you combine these all together, it is like standing right in the heart of the forest. This fragrance is a blend we make in-house. It is the very fragrance that started this adventure. You should give it a try sometime. I think you would enjoy this fragrance as much as I do.

As for what I burn, well I burn a lot of different fragrances. But not in candle form. I have several wax warmers throughout my place. Let’s see, there is one near the front door, one on the bookshelf in my living area. I have another on a knick-knack cabinet and there is one of course in the bedroom. This does not mean I have all of these going at one time, which I have done from time to time. But at least three are going at any given time. I may have a floral going in the one by the door and in the living area. Something like Plumeria or Juniper Breeze. These types of fragrances kind of welcome folks into my little home. Over on the knick-knack cabinet I usually am melting something a little fruitier. Right now I have Mango Papaya going. In the bedroom I use lavender. It seems to help me sleep a little bit more restful.

In the kitchen I do not have a wax melter, I use a candle warmer. Kind of like a coffee cup warmer but it has a little higher temperature so it will melt an entire candle. I place a candle on it, like maybe Banana Nut Bread, set the timer and the candle does the rest. The nice thing about this type of candle warmer is that it seems to help the fragrance last longer.

Today I am going to be testing a new fragrance. It is called “Vetiver & Oak”. Kind of an earthy mix of oakmoss and patchouli with some sage thrown in. I will let you know what I think of this fragrance once it has gone through the testing process.

So, as you can see, I burn several different types of fragrances. Never know what you will walk into here at my place. I hope that this answered your question. If you have any questions about our candles, process or just in general. Send them to me. I will answer everyone you send. So, until next time, remember nothing beats the ambiance of a fragrant home!!

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