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Well Here We Are……

Happy Friday,


My coffee tastes exceptionally good this morning. Maybe because it’s a bit cool out this morning. Winter is upon us once again, that is for sure. Seems like I was just complaining about the heat. Guess I should have been a bit more thankful for the warmth of the sun.


I hope everyone had a wonderful memory making Thanksgiving. As for me, I had one of those days I didn’t do much of anything. I enjoyed the solitude and spent the day relaxing. I did try my hand at fixing a nice Thanksgiving dinner for myself. The best I can say is I did not burn my place to the ground. I really do not know how you ladies do it. How you can prepare such a large meal and have everything come out so perfect and tasteful. I commend you.


Well, now that November is about over, I guess the next project is Christmas. Christmas is the time I never get everything I have planned completed. One year I was so far behind I got the tree up but never put a single decoration on it. Did get the presents put underneath though. No matter how soon I start getting things ready for Christmas it always turns into a train wreck on my end. But, in the end it always works itself out and becomes memorable in one way or another. Which is a blessing.


There are things about the month of December that I remember growing up. The one thing that stands out strongly was we got 2 weeks off from school. Man that was something back then. Of course we where glad when we finally was able to go back because we missed all our friends. It also meant a few extra chores around the farm to help out. Another reason I was happy to return back to school.


Then there were the days leading up to Christmas Day. The turkey was ready to cook and mom always made the sweet things like pies and stuff. Mom and my sister spent days in the kitchen cooking and baking. The always ran my brothers and me out with whatever they had in their hand at the time. I would always steal a cookie or something on my run out of the kitchen. My mom told me later in life that my sister and her would laugh and joke about how they ran us boys out. That image brings a smile to my old face just imagining how happy they were then.


The tree we would have always came from Mr. Potters tree sales. I think his boys still sell the trees around our neck of the woods. Mr. Potter would always bring us a tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It was never a shabby tree. It was tall and full. Mom would break out all of the decorations and we would decorate and drink hot coco. When I was even younger, my job was to string the popcorn to put around the tree. Those were the days. The tree always had that fresh pine aroma. I guess that is one of the reasons I love living here in Flagstaff, AZ. I live in the mountain area of the state and come Spring the aroma of Pine just fills the area. Reminders of home and days gone past.


Well, back to checking things off my list. That is if I can remember where I even left my list. Maybe I will just start fresh with a new list.


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Thanks for reading….

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