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We Have Moved Some Things Around

As of the beginning of this month, we have a new and improved look on our website. We have streamlined the way you can now get around our site. But the big improvement is on our mobile app. I am hoping you like the new look on both the desktop and mobile.

You can now find all our products under one heading. Once there you can choose between all categories in just a single place. Just click on the category you’re interested in and everything we currently offer will be listed in alphabetical order for you to easily locate your favorite fragrance. And we will be adding new items as often as possible. So, keep an eye out. You never know when you may find a new favorite.

The “Members Only” area has a new face-lift as well. Not only will we have fragrances listed just for our family members, but we are also going to list “Specials, Contests and Give-Aways” here. These will be just for our members and you never know what or when we will post something so check back regularly to see what is new.

We also will be adding various items in our “Clearance” area. Nothing wrong with them. They are just returns, over-runs, out of season or just discontinued items. All this items will be discounted to our rock bottom price and the cool part is you can use your “Members Monthly Code” to save even more!! Hard to beat those deals so again, check back often. When these are gone, they are gone.

Also, we have upgraded the pricing of our products. Now you have the option of buying 1 or 2 candles. If you order 2 candles it will reflect an automatic discount of $5.00 total. That is $2.50 off for each candle. No discount code needed!!! And you can order these in multiple sets. When you combine that with your “Members Only” discount code you save even more. This is just another way for you to save money here at Tall Pine Candles.

We also have now started our “Affiliate” program. Joining our team is a great way to begin a home-based business to start earning some extra income, make a difference in your community with our Fundraising program, or simply enjoy our wonderful products at below wholesale prices. We invite you to learn more about how we can help make your home smell amazing while providing opportunities to earn income for yourself at the same time.

If you have any questions about anything, please just send us an email. We are more than willing to help you anyway we can.

As always, thank you for supporting and being a part of our small Veteran owned business. And thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this. Here at TPC you are gratefully appreciated.

Until next week my friends…have a great and wonderful week!!

Tall Pine Candles expertise in producing high-quality, hand-crafted soy candles in large variety of scents will make your home into a calming retreat. Visit our “On-Line Shop” to choose candles in your favorite scents!

Thanks for reading…

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