We Are Upgrading

I sent out the first newsletter nearly 3 years ago—around the end of 2019. I had just quit my regular job to embark on this crazy adventure called Tall Pine Candles. A lot has happened since then! But one thing that hasn’t changed: our newsletter. And it's about time to do so....

Time for change

For nearly 3 years we've sent out the TPC newsletter. It helped us to grow our audience from close friends to a national community. Our audience has now spread to nearly every state.

The newsletter, however, is not really a newsletter. It's little more than a notification of a blog post type thing. It includes a title, a paragraph or two, and a link to a product. Effective, but not very creative.

Click here for an example of what that newsletter looks like. While it has worked well over the years, it's time for change.


We often get comments from people eagerly awaiting the arrival of our emails to notify them of new products and sales. For you, there's no need to worry. We're not ditching those emails. You'll still receive those emails each week.

The MEMBERS of our family are not forgotten. Now you will be able to go to the "Members Only" area and find your discount code for each month. This way you always have access to the code if it happens to get lost in your in-box. There will also be some pretty cool stuff posted there as well.

But as well as the current format, we are adding more interesting content to our monthly newsletter, filled with... Well, that's up to you actually.

We're thinking:

  • Must read articles on how candles are made.

  • Current ideas on how to recycle your used candles and jars.

  • Ways to use your candles throughout your home.

But we're more interested in hearing what you want. So, please think deeply about what you want from our newsletter. Drop your suggestions in the "Comment Section" below.

Oh, and if you're not yet subscribed to be a TPC member, you can fix that here:

We plan to go live with the updated newsletter in August 2022. In the meantime, please tell us your ideas. I am super eager to see what your suggestions are!! As we stated above, just leave a comment in the "Comment Section" below.

I will talk with you next month. And once again, THANK YOU for being a member of TPC Family and supporting our small Veteran owned business!!

Head Wick Trimmer



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