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Ways to Relax After Work

Whether or not you absolutely love your job or have some more colorful words to describe your opinion towards your 9-5, work is work and after a while, it can become monotonous and mentally draining. Every once in a while everyone needs to take some time away from work and detach themselves whether that be by going on a vacation or by being a little more attentive to their self-care routine after a day at the office. Knowing how to relax and separate your mind from the anxiety, stress, or hustle and bustle of your job will allow for you to lead a more productive life both inside and outside of the office by helping to maintain your mental health. In case you’re in desperate need of some relaxation and a mental restart, here are some small, yet meaningful, activities you could take in after your next work day to help rest your mind and body.

Instead of taking a dip in the pool, let’s take a dip into a lovely and perfectly warm bubble bath filled with all of your favorite bath time necessities; and if you don’t have any, make an effort to go shopping for some bath bombs or salts on your way home, the more effort you put in, the more you’ll get out of the experience. Strike a match to a few of your favorite candles to set the mood and ambience of the night, whatever that may be for you. TPC’s Red Rose and Lavender Fields are two options, amongst many others, that I believe would be perfect for the night. A clean and fresh scent that is sure to relax the muscles in both your mind and your body as you soak in the tub and cleanse yourself of all the stress of the work week.

Reading may not be everyone’s cup of tea, however, hear me out; whether you’re reading the news, a magazine, a self-help book, or fantasy series, reading allows for you to take an escape from the world around you and dive into a world that is completely separate from your own with all new adventures, people, lessons, and struggles. If you need a mental escape from the hassle of work, diving into a world completely different from your own will allow you the time away to gain some balance and perspective that you need to continue on with the week. Make reading even better by getting into your favorite comfy clothes, your drink of choice may it be tea, coffee, or wine, and snuggle under a blanket with a candle burning at your side. TPC’s Mahogany Teakwood, Black Amber & Lavender, and White Sage and Lavender, are all candles that perfectly embody the comfortable sense of familiarity that you’re looking for while reading.

Nothing can make the stress of anything in life go away quicker than spending some quality time with those that you love. Family time is a perfect way to gain perspective and calm yourself after having been in the office where there is continued pressure and expectations. Grab everyone you love close, curate a list of all your favorite movies, order some of your favorite food and stock up on the desserts and enjoy a stress-free relaxing evening with no expectations or tasks to get done. TPC’s Buck Naked, Cranberry Orange, and Ruby Red Grapefruit are three candles that encapsulate the nostalgic comforting feeling of family and carefree memories that arise when being around your loved ones like you are right now during a wonderful movie night.

Now this definitely isn’t something new, but a healthy body is a healthy mind. If you’ve had an exceptionally stressful work week and need an outlet to relax and destress, being physically active, no matter how small it is, will definitely make you feel better for the next work day. Take a spin class, go through a yoga flow, push some weights, go for a walk through the neighborhood while listening to your favorite music or a favorite podcast of yours, or even simply sit down and stretch out your body for a little. Connecting back with your body will allow you to take a step away from all the noise in your head and ground yourself yet again. No matter how small the physical activity is, it's better than letting your mind race. If you’re opting for one of the more ‘calm’ forms of physical activity, I recommend lighting TPC’s Mango Papaya, Sunflower Fields, and Juniper Breeze to go along with the movement and relaxation.

Making sure that you can stay productive during the work week is vital to your success and happiness both inside and outside of the office; therefore, finding ways in which you can relax after work and separate yourself from the demands of the job are a necessity. No matter what it is, everyone needs to find their outlet for destressing, and TPC hopes that one of our candles will be a part of that process!

Until next week my friends…have a great and wonderful week!!

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Thanks for reading…

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