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So, How’s This Candle Made??

Thought I would share with you a little about how a candle travels from an idea to an offering to you. A little about how we pick a fragrance, how it is tested as well as the curing process.

When I started making candles it was just for myself. And the reason I started making candles was because I just could not find a Pine fragrance that did not smell like a cleaning fluid. Every Pine scented candle or wax melt I purchased had that Pine-Sol smell. I didn’t want my place to smell like I just disinfected it, I wanted it to smell like you were standing in the middle of the forest. Fresh and clean with the aroma of fresh summer pine covered in the misty dew of the morning. And I just could not find what I was looking for.

That is when the idea struck me to just make my own. I remember thinking “How hard could this be?”. All you have to do is find something to put some melted wax in, stir in some fragrance, put a wick in it, let it get hard and WAALAA, you have a candle!! It was not until after several hundreds of dollars and a ton of time that I figured out just how far from the truth that original idea was.

For several years I spent my evening and weekends trying to perfect that fragrance. That is when I began learning about the difference in waxes and how they blend with various fragrances. Just how much fragrance you can add to those waxes. I learned that each fragrance works differently with different waxes. Some you can add more and some you have to add less. And that is where I learned about testing.

Testing is the most important step in the entire process of putting a candle together. Each fragrance is tested with different fragrance loads (the percentage of fragrance added to the amount of wax combined). Each test is logged on to a test sheet to compare results. These tests tell me which load gives the best “hot” throw and which doesn’t. I have learned that sometimes less is much better.

Once it has been determined which is the best load (in my opinion), I make up several and give them away to various people for them to burn. Most of the time what I think is a good candle is not so good with someone else. After these people have come to a conclusion about the candle, I take that information along with mine and record it on the log sheet.

After that I take all that information and determine if it may be something you, as a customer, would like. Then if the verdict is yes, I will make a small batch, let it cure for a week and offer them to my “Family Members” for them to purchase and try. If it is popular among them, then it is added to our regular line for the general public.

As you can see, 98% of the time it takes a while for a fragrance to be offered. There are some exceptions but generally that is the process.

Most of the fragrances we offer come in the form of suggestions from our customers. We have had some pretty unique requests but we look into every one that is sent to us. So if you have a suggestion for a fragrance, please by all means, send it to us. We are always looking for fragrance ideas. Even better when they come from you, our customers.

Well there you have it. How we get a candle to you, start to finish. Hope this has helped you to better understand the process we use to give you the best quality candle possible.

If there is anything you would like to know about TPC, just drop us a line. We will do our best to answer it for you…

Until next week my friends…have a great and wonderful week!!

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Thanks for reading…

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