November 2021 Newsletter

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Howdy and Welcome to November,

Happy Thanksgiving!! I do hope deep down from the bottom of my soul that your Thanksgiving is filled with nothing but blessings and family. I also wish you memories to cherish the remainder of your days.

This has been a crazy year but this is the time of year that we should focus on the blessings that have been given each of us. I have no doubt that we all have several things we are “Thankful” for. I have to learn to be thankful everyday rather than just this time of year. Maybe that will be my New Year's resolution this coming year. Now a little Thanksgiving history for you:

When was the first Thanksgiving?

The first Thanksgiving was held between September and November 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, on Plimouth Plantation. (The town Plymouth, Massachusetts, is spelled differently than the reconstructed museum of Plimouth Plantation because the original spelling of Plimouth by Govenor Bradford was with an i instead of a y.) The English Protestants who arrived in North America in 1620 were a religious sect persecuted in England. After a harsh winter, the Pilgrims had a banner harvest in 1621 due in large part to the help of Squanto, a Native American of the Patuxet tribe who spoke English after years of being enslaved. Squanto showed them how to plant corn and fish on the land that had once belonged to his own tribe, who had been tragically wiped out by smallpox. Using what they had, along with contributions from the native Wampanoag tribe (Squanto's Patuxet was a band of this tribe), they celebrated three days filled with food, military demonstrations, and games.

Despite its differences from today’s affair, there are still many opinions about how to celebrate Thanksgiving. For some it’s a celebration of coming together in the midst of a harsh environment, while for others its a reminder of the harsh history in our nation's past treatment of Indigenous peoples. Wherever you land, remember that both the colonists and Wampanoag have histories of celebrating harvests throughout the ages, giving thanks to God, the earth, or to whoever was worshipped for what they had grown and would hopefully sustain them through the winter. Counting one’s blessings, however small, is something that definitely embodies the spirit of the first Thanksgiving.



Yes! The TSA says solid candles are safe to fly in both carry-on and checked luggage. Gel candles, however, will need to be put in checked luggage. Most airlines also allow 1 lighter or box of matches to be carried in hand-luggage. That said, we recommend checking the baggage policies of any airline you are travelling with just to make sure; look for their policy on flammable substances.



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The cool, crisp notes of a herbal garden in springtime. This fragrance entwines mint leaves and peppermint with herbal and woody accords. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including spearmint, eucalyptus oils. Wonderfully refreshing.

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The smell of fresh baked bread with notes of ripe banana, orange, and coconut with mid notes of cinnamon, roasted walnuts, and clove leaf atop base notes of sweet dough, vanilla, and Tonka Bean.

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Enjoy your November and I will see you next month.

Bob Evans

Head Bottle Washer