Lets Talk Wax Melts

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New to wax melts? Here's your quick guide to using was melts for the first time!

I don't think there is a day that goes by when I don't have someone ask me "what are wax melts?" or "how do I use wax melts?"

Even though I get asked this very frequently I still find myself surprised to be asked.


Because to me wax melts are just... well...normal...just part of everyday life. In fact, I would probably go one step further and say they are a ritual of sorts.

  • They are coming home

  • They are about feeling good at home

  • They are about relaxation

  • They are about creating a feeling and scenting the home you are proud of and care for

  • They are about warmth and comfort

While for many of us wax melts have been around for some time, there are many out there that just haven't used them yet or don't quite get what they are or how to use them - or worse... don't even understand how amazing they are!

So, this blog post is for the wax melt novice or the friend or family member you know that just hasn't jumped on the band wagon yet and want's to understand what all the fuss is about!

What are wax melts?

Wax melts are in essence a wickless candle. A scented wax that you melt in a wax warming device (electric or with a tealight) that once melted releases a far stronger and consistent fragrance than a candle. This is because you are melting at a higher and more consistent temperature and you are vaporizing the scent.

HOWEVER, this is where you must pay attention.

Not all wax melts are created equal.

If you are going to burn anything in your home, and this goes for candles or wax melts, then you should be aware that some can be very harmful to your health.

Tall Pine Candles only produce soy wax melts - this means that they are made from a natural product - the soybean. Many other shop bought waxes, in fact the majority of wax melts available in shops, are made with PARAFFIN wax.

Now if you don't really know the difference here goes:

Paraffin wax is made from the waste products left over from crude oil when producing petroleum. That's right the dirty, highly toxic leftovers and it doesn't stop there. These waste products are so dirty they are then made more toxic by using BLEACH to turn them white. Not any old bleach like you would use at home (which is usually 5 - 10% strength) this is 100% bleach; highly toxic in itself.

There are many horrendous side effects from paraffin based wax products including headaches, nausea, respiratory disease, digestive disorders and many, many more. Do not be fooled - paraffin is toxic. Whether it's disguised with the prettier name of mineral wax or softened with the title of "food grade paraffin" it shouldn't be breathed in.

If you are going to use wax melts stick to natural based waxes such as soy wax, coconut wax or beeswax based products.

How do wax melts work?

Wax melts work by releasing the fragrance oil in the wax once the wax is melted. You simply put your chosen wax melt into the well of your wax burner and put a tealight underneath (again most shop bought tealights will be toxic paraffin because they are cheap - aim for soy tealights if you can or opt for an electric melter). When you've had enough you simply turn off or blow out the tealight and you can allow the wax to harden and use again. Once the wax starts to lose its scent you simply remove and replace with fresh wax.

Why do people love wax melts so much?

Now this is actually several much bigger questions:

  • Why do people like light or warmth?

  • What do they represent?

  • What do certain scents mean to you?

Well, the short answer is that the part of your brain that processes smell is very close to the area of the brain that accesses memories.

So not only do we have a very ancient caveman (or woman) reflex to judge if a smell is good or bad, not only do we have an ancient sense of literally sniffing partners out by pheromones, but we also have memories triggered by specific smells.

What is repulsive to one person is gorgeous to another. And then there are some scents that are almost universal.

Think of baby powder... it's a hard scent to take offence to. For most it is associated with warmth and safety or childhood, the clean fresh feeling of having a bath or the nostalgia of being a parent to a newborn.

When you consider all of these points then it's no wonder that our basic human need to light and warmth to survive combined with the happy memories associated with specific scents creates a very strong desire to create a happy atmosphere in our home.

How to get started

It's best to invest in a ceramic wax burner to begin with and a couple of soy tealights and then it's up to you to do the sniff test and try some wax melts.

Whatever you do please do your research, choose a clean burning natural wax and tealight wherever possible and explore and try new scents to find your favorites.

You can look over the wax melts that Tall Pine Candles offers. We make ALL our wax melts with 100% pure soy wax. Each melt is hand poured to insure the quality of each wax melt.