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Let’s Lighten The Mood During World Candle Month


We deal with so much stress in our everyday lives, from work to errands to family demands and unexpected situations, that it can become very easy to get worn down. We need to lighten our burdens and lighten the mood. There are many ways to unwind and eliminate the heaviness of the air around us and candles do this effortlessly. Candles can set the mood or change the tone of a room. In 2013, the National Candle Association (NCA) established World Candle Month (WCM) to allocate September as the month to celebrate the benefits of candles and promote the different ways candles help make our lives brighter.

This year’s theme is Lighten the Mood, and it urges us to take a moment, relax, and make things a bit lighter with candles. By doing this, we can be more present and embrace the good vibes candles create. Here are a few ways candles can create and improve the mood:

Well-being/Self-care It’s important to take time for yourself and de-stress. Whether you’re taking a bath, reading your current book, or just being in silence – be sure to light a candle. It’ll help set the mood of relaxation and activate your senses in a positive way. Grab your favorite scented candle that invokes good memories or makes you happy. It’ll help transport you to a brighter place in your mind.

Events Whether it’s a romantic date, a wedding, or hosting a celebration – candles enhance the mood by adding a glow to the atmosphere. With the lights dim and candles lit, the ambiance switches to a mood that makes everyone feel beautiful and at peace. This is the magic of candles and the influence they can have on our attitudes or current state of mind.

Home Candles make great decorative accessories. If you’re having guests over, candles offer an extra layer of welcoming-vibes cueing your guests to figuratively “kick off their shoes”. Candles provide a welcoming glow and scent that makes everyone feel at home. Additionally, scented candles can help mask any undesired cooking or household smells.


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