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General tips for burning candles

There are some tips that generally apply when you start burning your plant-based candles. This way, you can enjoy your candle even longer!

Cut the wick

Before burning a candle, it is necessary to cut the wick at about 1 centimetre. If you have burned the candle before, our tip is to carefully cut off the "tip" of the black wick. Be careful not to drop it into the candle. This way, your candle will burn nicer, cleaner and longer!

Minimum and maximum burn time

Plant-based candles have a minimum burn time. Always make sure you burn your plant-based candle for at least as long as the top layer of wax is liquid. This way, you make sure the candle doesn't 'collapse' and the wax dries up nicely!

For your health, it is better not to burn a candle longer than 3 hours, because of the oxygen in the room. Do you burn the candle for longer? Then it is good to open a window to ventilate the room properly. Plant-based candles are a lot 'cleaner' and have less soot, but for the best air in your home, good ventilation and airing after burning candles is best!

The location of your candle

This might be an open door, but it is very important! Always put your candles in a safe place. Have you decorated your plant corner with candles? Then make sure the candle is not under a plant leaf. This can damage the leaf and possibly cause a fire.

Do you have a beautiful (plant) cabinet you want to style with candles? Super fun! Just keep in mind that if you want to burn your candle, you'd better take it out of the cupboard to avoid soot stains, but also fire. Also, always keep your candle away from flammable materials.

Melting candles

Plant-based candles melt faster than 'regular' candles. So be careful not to place your candle (too long) above a warm heater or next to an open fire! This can deform the candle and sometimes even make it unusable. And of course we want to avoid that.

Burning candles safely

The last, and most important tip for candle burning in general is to make sure a candle burns safely. Don't leave the room where your candle is burning for long periods of time! Obviously, visiting the toilet won't hurt, but if you leave the house. Then don't forget to blow out the candles!

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