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Gearing Up…

Good Morning Everyone and happy Friday.

I do hope everyone had a good week. Mine has been busy as all get out. The sale we are running for our members has me hopping to get all these orders out. If you happen not to be a member of TPC, just click here. That is easy to fix.

Just from what you all are ordering, I can tell you are gearing up for the Holidays. It is hard to believe that they are right around the corner once again. Maybe it’s because I am getting older that they seem to come around faster anymore. I remember marking the days off for Halloween and Christmas. Thanksgiving was that special day in between to get all those homemade goodies. Can still remember fixating on the pies and other sweets that were there. My favorite was the candied yams. My mother made the best candied yams in the world. To this day I have not found any that can match hers.

So, I am gearing up for the coming Holidays. Starting to make plans on what to do and where to go for the Holidays. My list is getting pretty long at the moment. The list of Christmas presents is becoming the longest. Do you ever ask around and see what others are getting friends and relatives so you do not get them the same? Maybe I should start doing that. I know one year my Aunt and I gave my Uncle the same exact robe. He doesn’t wear either robe. I think my Aunt bought him the one he wears afterwards.

Christmas gifts are hard to pick for some. I give out a lot of gift cards. That seems to be my Go-To gift anymore. They are easy and you can choose what you want to gift. I like giving cards for meals. I think that most people enjoy a good meal and a night out. The fact that it does not cost them anything makes it even better. Of course everyone in my circle gets a coupon for a free candle. That is automatic of course…LOL. It is really cool to see what candle they want. Some are really predictive, others are all over the charts. As of now, I have not had any of them “not” redeem their coupon.

Guess I should start getting more focused on the Holidays. Guess I will start by focusing on Halloween. Always buy way too much candy. And I hate to see things go to waste. Think I will do something for the parents this year as well. Besides, they are walking around doing the “Trick or Treat” thing just as much as the children are, right? Anyway, time to focus…

Let me know in the comments what you are doing to gear up for the Holidays. I can always use a little inspiration. See you all next week.

Thanks for reading….

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