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December is the “Friday” of the Months……

Happy Friday Everyone,


Seriously, don’t you just LOVE December! It really is like the Friday of the months…the month you look forward to all year and you relish it, wishing it wouldn’t have to end. It just seems like we spend more time with family and friends just being HAPPY during December, and it is so nice!  December makes me happy.


I have never been involved very much in community stuff. You would think that in the type of business I am in, I would be more involved. But lately I am starting to learn just how incredible a neighborhood community can be, so I have made a personal vow to dedicate time toward building those community friendships more. And what better time of year is there than this to reach out to your own neighbors and start creating friendships there. Christmas and the holidays this month give you and I the perfect reason to randomly reach out to your neighbors without feeling awkward doing it. Step outside your front door and take some cookies over, or leave a nice note, or go sing carols at their front door. Just do something to build the relationships with the people who live near you. I feel they can become the closest thing you will have to family in your life if you dedicate the time to build those relationships, and best of all they are just a few steps away when you need them!


Now, I am not limiting this idea to just the people next door or even to just the month of December. If we start being more neighborly throughout the year, then December will be when we as neighbors can come together. Maybe even plan a get-together for a shared meal for the Holidays. The apartment complex I live in does a meal thing at Thanksgiving every year. They bring dinner to our apartment for those who want it. But why not bring the neighbors together for a Christmas meal instead?


Have an amazing start to this new week. It’s only two and half weeks until Christmas so get out there and wish your neighbors a Happy Holiday!


And to all of my neighbors: “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and thank you for being our friends and for making our lives better by being a part of them. I love you all!”

Thanks for reading….

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