December 2021 Newsletter

Well this has been one crazy year!! I think all of us can agree on that. We all have had ups and downs during this pandemic but out of all this mess I have learned a great deal. Last month I learned how thankful I am for the family I still have around. I am thankful for the small things I have in my life. Each day has become a blessing to me.

Now December is here. Christmas means different things to all of us. For some it is a chance to spend time with family and exchange gifts; for others, it is a religious reminder. Some do not mark the holiday at all.

Perhaps one of my favorite parts about the holidays is that it puts me in a charitable mood. It really is a time to be grateful for all we have and the friends and family we treasure. We do a lot of giving back all year, but Christmas is the perfect time to dial it up even more so. I participate in helping our forgotten Veterans, and do what I can to support drives that benefit the homeless in our area, and it’s two of the things I anticipate anxiously each year.

The holidays can be tough for some, but there is no denying the beauty it holds as well. There are so many things to look forward to, and even more to be thankful for. I’m hoping you all have a lovely time celebrating in any way that feels right to you. I know I will!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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Enjoy your December and I will see you next month. And once again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Bob Evans

Head Bottle Washer