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Debate About Candle Warmers

Seems that a lot of places and businesses are no longer allowing an open flame. Places such as college rooms and dorms, a lot of apartment buildings, nursing homes and even rented houses. Businesses are starting to lean in this direction as well. And I guess the reason is pretty obvious…Insurance costs.

Some of the apartment complexes here in town have started implementing this new stipulation. At least in their rental offices. There were several that use to buy our candles to make their office area smell warm and welcoming. They say they found it relaxes the future renter into a “I’m Home” feeling. I have shown them an alternative to the new “No Open Flame” policy they have to abide by. The alternative is a 2-In-1 wax warmer. You ask what is this 2-In-1 wax warmer? Well let me explain.

2-in-1 Fragrance Warmers have the functionality and versatility to melt candles on the base, or wax melts using the included dish. Make a fashionable statement at home or in your office with styles that match any decor.

Fragrance warmers have multiple benefits — like the absence of a flame and different design aesthetics to choose from — but I found that candle warmers go a step further by providing a way to repurpose your candle vessel when you’re ready. If deciding between a wax warmer or a candle warmer proves to be difficult (like it was for me), the 2-in-1 Fragrance Warmer makes it possible to do both.

Candle warmers essentially turn candles to big wax melts. They’re ideal for those who prefer not to burn candles, those who like wickless candles, and those who live in places where open flames aren’t allowed (like college dorms). The warmer has two components: a warming base plate for candles and a removable tray to set on top when heating wax melts. It turns on and off with a roller switch, and an indicator light on the base of the warmer lets you know when it’s in use.

Working slowly at a low heat, it provides a no-flame option that’ll emit the fragrance from a well-loved scent and actually extends the lifespan of your candle, since the wax isn’t burning away. It also makes for a faster method of candle disposal when the time comes. Instead of throwing my glass containers away once the candles get too low to burn, I use the warmer to completely consume all the wax before repurposing the jars as drinking glasses. The elegant design of the fragrance warmers matches so well with my home decor, but this product is available in various styles and colors for whatever matches your design theme best.

While wax warmers came highly recommended by my family and friends, I’m so glad I chose a candle warmer instead. I find myself using it often, especially when I’m working or taking care of chores around the house. I used to be the type of person to throw out candle vessels once the wax was gone, but now I’m much less wasteful. I’ve found that the leftover jars make great planters, pencil holders, and cocktail glasses — and I’m always finding new uses for them! Of course, the potential of using your candles in fun new ways makes your monthly candle splurge that much more exciting.

Ready to pick out your candle warmer?

Tall Pine Candles provides 100% natural hand-crafted soy candles to use on those candle warmers.

Tall Pine Candles expertise is in producing high-quality, hand-crafted soy candles in a variety of scents that will turn your home into a calming retreat. Visit our “On-Line Store” to choose candles in your favorite scents!

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