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An Act of Kindness..

Happy Friday my friends.

Fall is now officially upon us. Well, officially, it was the 23rd of September. But nonetheless it is here and I for one am glad. The heat was pretty bad this year for some reason. I have no doubt that someone can explain why but I just do better in cooler weather.

Stopped and picked up a Cinnabon last night to have with my coffee this morning. Super glad I did. 20 seconds in the microwave makes it even better.

I saw a really cool act of kindness for our fellow drivers on the road the other day. As I was leaving Phoenix heading home (to Flagstaff) the traffic suddenly just started backing up. My first thought was that there had been an accident ahead of me somewhere. Or that people were slowing down to “rubberneck” at an accident on the south bound side of the highway. Either way it was not looking good for the home team getting home anytime soon.

Anyway, as I inch up I see that everyone is weaving around something in the middle lane. Suddenly, about 3 vehicles ahead of me, this guy stops at an angle. He actually stopped where two lanes were affected. Then he gets out of his SUV, picks up this fairly large automotive body part that seemed to have fallen off somebody’s vehicle, and carried it over to the shoulder of the road. Climbed back in his SUV and drove away. The whole thing only took about a minute total. The whole time other drivers were honking and yelling for him to get out of the road or move his SUV so they could get back to inching their way home. Never realizing that this man, out of pure kindness was making their journey smoother and quicker. What a wonderful act on that guys part. What I thought made it even cooler was the fact that the obstruction in the road was not even in his lane.

I had to rush up beside him and give him a “thumbs up” for doing this. A “thank you” sort of thing on my part for what he had done. He just gave me a slight nod and went on his way. And as I continued my journey I just kept thinking about what he had done.

First and foremost my thoughts were thankful he had chosen to do this. I recalled that this obstruction really didn’t affect his travel in the least. It was in a lane a couple over from him. But because everyone was weaving and bobbing around it, all the lanes were affected in one way or other I guess. But yet, he chose to stop in the middle of a congested highway and clear it so others could continue as smoothly as possible. I would liked to have met this man.

Makes me wonder if I would have done this. I am ashamed to admit that I would not have. More than likely, I would have just inched up and around then been on my way. It makes me sad inside to think I have so little concern about the people around me. Yes, I will help the people immediately around me, but this man had an effect on possibly hundreds of people by that one small act. I truly commend him for this. Made me realize there is more to helping our fellow man than just buying someone a cup of coffee or giving a few bucks to that person on the corner.

Have a good weekend and we will see you next week.

Thanks for reading….

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