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A little About Wax Melts

Good morning. I hope you are doing well. As for me, I am dug out of the 120-140 inches of snow we have received here in Flagstaff Arizona. They say that is about 50 inches above our yearly average. No matter how you look at it, that’s just a lot of snow.

Getting shut in during all this snow fall has given me some time to get caught up some. I do have to admit, there was a day or so that I just sat around and enjoyed the down time. I used those to think about things about new fragrances that I would like to try and test. Some of the new fragrances coming out from my distributors are sounding pretty darn cool. Guess I will need to get some sample vials and make up a few wax melts.

Speaking of wax melts, people always ask me what they are and are they worth spending the money for them. First of all, let me explain what wax melts are and how they came to be. Wax melts are completely wickless scented pieces of wax that are melted in a warmer. The warmer heats and melts the solid wax. As the wax melts, it fills up the area with scent. Melts are also referred to as wax tarts and wax cubes.

Wax melts originated from candle makers looking for something to do with their leftover wax after pouring candles. So, they poured them into small round or square cubes instead of pouring the leftover wax away. They later learned that they could be remelted by reheating them. Pretty cool, right?

As for whether they are worth spending money on, that depends on you and your lifestyle. Let me explain that a little more. Wax melts are not that expensive in general. They give you an inexpensive way to try a fragrance before you invest in a candle. I make them first to see how the fragrance works within a given area. If they perform up to my standards, then that fragrance goes to the candle stage where it is tested even more.

Some of my customers prefer wax melts over candles for various reasons. If you use a Silicone Flip Dish in your wax warmer then you can change fragrances without all the hassle of cleaning your warmer each time. Once the wax hardens, just pop it out and reload. You can also save the hardened fragrance to remelt later or make your own special fragrance by mixing them together. Less waste over all. This is the main reason my customers who swear by wax melts use them.

Another big reason is that there are a lot of places that are implementing what is referred to as a “No Flame” policy. What that basically means is that they do not allow the burning of candles. Places such as college dormitories, retirement homes, apartment buildings and recently several places of business. The reason for this is because of the potential fire hazards if left unattended or not used in the proper way. Wax melts do not pose a fire risk and generally are easy to clean up if accidentally spilled. 99% of the time just a little soap and hot water will do the trick.

Overall, wax melts are long lasting, fun, relatively inexpensive, and also provide a safe way to enjoy great scents. They are a convenient choice when you want to control the amount of scent, experiment with new scents, and fill your home with wonderful fragrances.

Interesting, huh? Just when you thought you knew a lot about candles…If this has piqued your interest or inspired your warmer side, our wax melts and take a look around. We also carry a variety of different wax melters for you to choose from as well.

You can find us on the web here: (click the link).

Thanks for reading…

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