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A Easy Guide For Burning a Candle Correctly

Learning how to burn a candle safely and efficiently is the difference between a long-lasting candle and a short-lived candle with uneven tunnels. Consider this simple guide to burning a candle correctly if you want to maintain the integrity and quality of your candles.

Trim Your Wicks

Have you ever noticed a mushroom-like bulb on the tip of the wick after burning your soy candle? To prevent these frayed and uneven ends from creating soot, sparks, or debris in the candle, it’s critical to trim your wick by at least ¼ inch. Leaving the wick untrimmed also runs the risk of a larger flame, which melts more wax and burns the candle unevenly.

When the candle burns unevenly, you will find it increasingly difficult to ignite the wick. And when tunnels begin to form, the candle won’t burn for long. Be sure to trim your wicks and sweep away debris to prolong the life of your candles.

Keep Your Candles Away From Vents

It’s important to keep your soy candles burning in an area away from drafts or vents. Drafty areas often blow the flame around, causing rapid and uneven burning. In addition to uneven burning, it may also pose a safety hazard if the candle is near any flammable material. If the draft blows the flame hard enough, it may catch on the material and start a fire.

Don’t Burn Them for Too Long

Another tip for burning a candle correctly is to limit the amount of time you let the candle burn. Burning a candle for too long may affect the wax’s memory and ability to melt evenly. You shouldn’t let your candles burn for more than four hours; otherwise, you risk carbon collecting on the candle and creating a dangerously large flame that will burn rapidly and unevenly.

Let the Wax Cool Between Each Use

Letting the wax in your natural soy candles cool to solid room temperature is an important step in candle care. It’s essential that you don’t burn your candle too soon after snuffing it out. Let the wax cool down and harden to prolong its next burning time.

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